A business website is an online platform for displaying information about what a business does, her products and services as well as contact information to reach the business. If the business offers products and services that can be bought and delivered digitally, the website may include an e-commerce page.

Any serious business owner in Nigeria should get a business website for the following reasons:

1. Wider Reach: Your business website is your online office. With it, you can reach much more clients than you would ever reach relying on your physical office or shop alone. Let’s say you are into Facial Makeup sales and services, and your office is at Ajah Lagos state. Naturally only the residents of Ajah would ever know about your business. However, when you get a website for the business, people who live far off from Ajah or even in other states or countries aside Nigeria can get to see what you are doing and what you have done and get to patronize you.

2. More Business Enquiries & Patronage: Your business website will fetch you more calls, emails and chats as people begin to discover your business website online. As you already know, enquiries lead to patronage. The more the people who need your business products and services can find you, the more they would contact you, and eventually buy what your business offers.

3. Stronger Brand Reputation: People will trust your business if it has a website. Consider two companies with equal expertise bidding for a project and one submits their website and the other doesn’t. The company with a website will be subconsciously judged as better and more qualified, while the one without will be branded as local and a decision will be taken. Also if you don’t have a website where you can refer people to, a lot of your potential clients will assume you are a local brand and may not take you seriously.

4. More Partnership Opportunities: Your business is able to attract more partners when it is easily found online than when it isn’t. A local computer center with a website and an online presence will be able to attract more partnerships from recruitment companies who are looking online for testing centers for their testing schedules.

5. 24/7 Availability: Unlike your physical office and shop that has a fixed opening and closing time, your website ensures your business is always available for anyone who needs information about what you do and what you sell.

In conclusion, it is necessary as well as important for every business owner in Nigeria to get a website no matter how small. You can always upgrade to something bigger later. Business websites in Nigeria cost between (N20,000 to N350,000) to develop.

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