Doing business in Nigeria is hard, even harder when you cannot get customers. Most business owners complain of zero or low patronage, while the customers complain of not finding the right business to patronize. This shows there’s a kind of gap some where, and what  you need is to advertise your business online for free. This is where comes in.

What is and how can I use it in advertising my business online? is a free online platform that showcases businesses to the potential customers looking for those businesses and services in their city.

We let you list your business services on our platform so that anyone searching through Google for such business in their city will find your business easily. Click here to see all the businesses listed on this Platform so far.

So, If Johnbull in Enugu is looking for where to buy cements or paint for his new house and he decides to search for it on Google, he will be directed straight to a business on our platform selling such producs or offering such services. 

Do I have to pay anything listing my business on

No you don’t pay anything to advertise your business here. Listing is free, but we charge a referral commission when people contact you through our platform and patronize you. We charge a commission because we do not fold our hands after you have listed your business here. Our marketing team go the extra mile in writing about your business, emailing people who may need it, promoting them via our social media handles just to ensure people who need your products and services find you.

How much is the commission?

It is between 10 to 30% and it is on the profits you make from our referral to you. You will be required to tell us how much commission you want to give us from the range specified. The higher the commission you specify, the more channels our marketing team will utilize in promoting and marketing your business products and services to your target market. We have a system on ground to determine if a customer/client we refer to you have eventually patronized you. So do not try to cheat the system.

How do I get started advertising my business online on this Platform?

  • Signup here, Login and follow the steps
  • Or Chat us on whatsapp +234-806-5822893 to assist you.
We link service providers and artisans to the people who need their services in Nigeria